Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Manager?

The manager is a decentralized app (dApp) that lets you transfer, receive and manage VeChain (X-)Nodes, other non-fungible tokens and fungible tokens stored on your VeChainThor mobile and Ledger hardware wallet.

More features will be announced and implemented in the future, follow @VeChain Stats on Twitter to stay updated!

Are my private keys safe? Can I trust this dApp?

The Manager dApp DOES NOT have access to your private keys at any time. The user is always in total control of their digital asset management. For this reason, the user should always double-check the transactions they sign and follow the instructions carefully inside the manager dApp.

Please note that we will never ask for any payment or donation for the usage of this dApp. Be aware of potential scams and websites imitating the Node Manager page. Always verify that you are on the official Node Manager domain/website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us or join the VeChain Stats Telegram group.

What wallets are supported?

Sync v2 Extension (Recommended) (Android, Linux, macOS, Windows)

Sync Browser (Legacy) (Linux, macOS, Windows)

VeChainThor Mobile Wallet (iOS, Android)

How to get started with Sync and the Ledger?

What is the difference between a Direct Transfer and a Designated Transfer of a VeChain node token?

A Direct Transfer allows sending any address without a confirmation a VeChainThor node token. The sender should be in control of the receiver address and be sure that the receiving address is accessible for him.

A Designated Transfer allows a more secure and advanced node token transfer. In opposite to a direct transfer the sender need to whitelist the receiver address but also the receiver needs to accept the node token transfer within a 4-hour time frame. Optionally a price can be defined by the sender that the receiver would need to pay to receive the node token.

Why is the Comet extension not supported?

Due to high-security standards, the usage of Comet extension for Google Chrome is prohibited:

1)  The Comet extension is EOL (end of life), which means that Comet is not actively maintained.

2)  It is highly recommended not to store "significant" amounts of crypto-currencies in web-based wallets.

3)  The most secure wallets are hardware-based wallets - like the VeKey or Ledger Nano. Also, the official VeChainThor mobile wallet is audited and recommended for use.

4)  For fungible token transfers from the Comet wallet please use the MyTokens dApp or VeChain Tokens dApp.